GK General Knowledge Question and Answer, GK Quiz Set-3.

GK General Knowledge Question and Answer

We are providing some very simple General Knowledge (gktoday) questions in English with answers. All kinds of questions and answers are given here.

General Knowledge Question and Answer 

01) Question: What is the use of CD characters in a computer dictionary?

Answer: Compact Disk.

02) Question: One Kilobyte (1 KB) is equivalent to?

Answer: 1024 Bytes.

03) Question: Which e-commerce company has launched the 'MarQ Turbo Stream' streaming stick?

Answer: Flipkart.

04) Question: Polavaram Project is located in which state?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh.

05) Question: What is the length of a word in a computer?

Answer: Bit.

06) Question: Where is the world’s largest Seaport?

Answer: Shanghai, China.

07) Question: What is the purpose of the assembler?

Answer: Converting assembly language into machine language.

08) Question: What is the difference between Isobars and Isotherms?

Answer: On the weather map, isobars are contour lines that connect different locations or points with the same constant pressure, while isotherms are also contour lines, which specify locations that are at the same constant temperature.

09) Question: Who was the first woman 'Lok Sabha' Speaker of India?

Answer: Meera Kumar.

10) Question: Who published the Theory of Continental Drift?

Answer: German Meteorologist Alfred Wegener in 1915.

11) Question: Where is the Pushkar Lake situated in India?

Answer: Rajasthan.

12) Question: How long does the earth rotate in a circle?

Answer: 365.25 Days.

13) Question: Which is the longest river in Asia?

Answer: The Yangtze in China (4345 km).

14) Question: What is the full form of BDT?

Answer: Binary Digits Task.

15) Question: What is the full form of ROM?

Answer: Read Only Memory.

16) Question: Which country is the third-largest producer of electric energy?

Answer: India.

17) Question: What is the full form of HTML?

Answer: Hyper Text Markup Language.

18) Question: Who suggested that most of the mass of the atom is located in the nucleus?

Answer: Ernest Rutherford.

19) Question: Gomti River originates from which place?

Answer: Gomat Taal.

20) Question: Which port is the largest natural port in India?

Answer: Mumbai Port.

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