Simple GK Quiz question and answer 2020-2021.

Simple GK Quiz question and answer 2020-2021.

Here, We are providing some very simple General Knowledge questions in English with answers for the learners who are preparing for Government competitive exams like SSC, PSC, Railway, Bank, etc. In this post, I have updated the answers to the most important GK questions around the Indian GK about the latest general knowledge (gktoday) questions and many topics covered.

We have designed a very simple GK question and answer blog to increase your GK level as well as your confidence level for competitive exams.

General Knowledge Question and Answer

01) Question: What is the national song in India?

Answer: Vande Mataram.

02) Question: Who is the author of the book “Freedom Behind Bars”?

Answer: Kiran Bedi.

03) Question: The topic of cancer does not pass away through which of these Indian states?

Answer: Odisha.

04) Question: National Income estimates in India are prepared by?

Answer: Central Statistical Organisation.

05) Question: Which is the fastest land animal on earth?

Answer: Cheetah.

06) Question: How many spokes in the national flag in India?

Answer: 24 Spokes.

07) Question: Who composed the Indian national anthem?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore.

08) Question: Name the largest river island in Asia?

Answer: Majuli Island, Assam.

09) Question: Which is the biggest continent in the world?

Answer: Asia.

10) Question: Which river of India is called Vridha Ganga?

Answer: Godavari.

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